Dorset SwapMeet

VW Campervan SwapMeet

Dorset SwapMeet

Dorset SwapMeet; we have just stumbled on another amazing VW campervan meetup in the Dorset rea… SwapMeet is billed as a boot sale where vw enthusiasts can bring and buy various vintage parts for their VW campervans, beetles or any other vw classics. It is located in Spetisbury, Dorset – so just down the road from Poole!

We have just missed the last one which was last weekend. 🙁 BUT there is another one planned to be early in the new year (March?) so why not get it pencilled in the diary now. The vintage VWs are notoriously hard to get parts for as VolksWagen stopped production of most of them many years ago.

For any budding VeeDub fans, keep your eye on the website

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