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Icy T4 icicles!

The big chill….

So this is just going to be a brief post but I took this picture and had to share it, even if just to cement into history that Dorset did once actually get a decent amount of snow (and icicles!!)...

VW Christmas Reindeer

Happy Holidays from BH Campervan Hire!

Wow, 2017 went by in a blur!! We have met some truly amazing people and have now grown the fleet to 3 beautiful VW Campervans. To keep the campervans in prime condition we are not renting them out over the Winter period but all systems...

VW Campervan SwapMeet

Dorset SwapMeet

Dorset SwapMeet; we have just stumbled on another amazing VW campervan meetup in the Dorset rea...

campervan for sale classifieds

Guide to buying a Campervan for sale in Dorset

Often hiring a van is a first step towards buying a campervan. There are an abundance of campervans around Dorset and Devon as this area generally fits in with the lifestyle a camper brings. So we thought we'd do a very rough guide to buying a...

vw campervan logo

Rent a VW Campervan in Dorset in 2018

So, the sun has faded the cold (and torrential rain!!) has set in. Your summer holiday in the sun seems like a distant memory! So what do you do? Plan the next one of course!! We have a beautiful range of vw campervans for rental in...


Dorset Volksfest 2017

Ever on the lookout for local campervan events, we stumbled across this which looks promising: The Volksfest runs this year between the 14h and 16th of July and is sure to be a great weekend for all the family. These campervan meet ups are a great...